Reel shorts

Dylan Chapgier is an L.A. based Cinematographer. He has shot over 40 projects, including seven UCLA thesis films, a feature doc in Fiji, and part of the feature film, The Heyday of the Intensive Bastards, produced by Elysium Bandini Studios. His works have been featured at a variety of film festivals, including the Atlanta Film Festival, the New York International Short film Festival and the Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival. He has shot projects in Brazil, Fiji, France, Alaska and around the continental United States.

In 2006, he crewed on the feature film Palo Alto, CA, introducing him to the world of professional filmmaking. After earning his BFA in film production in 2009 from UC Santa Cruz, he was accepted into UCLA’s Cinematography MFA Program in 2010, where he focused on lighting and composition. After completing his thesis on the use of High frame Rate in Narrative Film (as in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit), Dylan graduated UCLA in 2014.


» Chicken Soup for the Dead Soul — 2014

» The Youth — 2014

» First Love — 2016